IT’S OFFICIAL: President Trump Cleared Of Charges – Top Legal Expert Just Gave Trump The Best News Of His Presidency

Thanks to Comey’s testimony, the whole world is now familiar with their lies.And now, Gregg Jarrett, a legal expert for Fox News, chimed in on the story.He started:“[…] this development makes the argument even more compelling that Mueller cannot serve as special counsel. He has an egregious conflict of interest.”

This is nothing new as Comey and Mueller are BFFs at the FBI. And our President isn’t getting fair treatment under the law. The only thing they care about is kicking Trump out of office. Jarret continued:The special counsel statute specifically prohibits Mueller from serving if he has ‘a personal relationship with any person substantially involved in the investigation or prosecution.

’ The language is mandatory. He ‘shall’ disqualify himself.”“Comey is substantially involved in the case. Indeed, he is the central witness… Even worse, are Mueller and Comey now ‘colluding’ by acting as co-special prosecutors to bring down the president?”Suspicious, don’t you think? The whole case doesn’t add up, and the media still refuses to report on the flaws.

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Lawn mower Boy Reveals He Had Sent A Letter To Obama While He Was President… Here’s The Response He Got

1-year-old Frank Giaccio wrote a letter to President Donald Trump asking if he could cut the White House grass. Donald Trump was so moved that he immediately agreed.

After Frank cut the president’s grass, Trump posted this tweet:“Frank ‘FX’ Giaccio-On behalf of @FLOTUS Melania & myself, THANK YOU for doing a GREAT job this morning! @NatlParkService gives you an A+!”On Saturday, Giaccio went on “Fox and Friends” to talk about this once in a lifetime experience. He excitedly said that meeting the president was a dream come true and it was “really, really cool” to meet Donald Trump.Frank revealed that he had previously sent a letter to the ObamaAdministration, however, he did not receive such a warm welcome. He said in reference to the letter he sent Barack Obama, “Well, my last one, which went to President Obama, I got a letter back. But I knew it wasn’t handwritten, so I knew that this one was actually better when Sarah took it to the briefing room.”This speaks volumes about the quality of our President. Is Trump a more caring President than Obama?Take a look at the full video below:

New Principal Suspends HALF Her Students — Here’s The Stunning Reason Why

Lisa Love, the new principal of Harrisburg High School, made a bold move by issuing suspension notices to more than 500 of the 1,100 students at her school, leaving most people to wonder what all of those teenagers could have possibly done do deserve the same punishment. Then, Love revealed the reason behind her shocking decision, and it left everyone stunned.

Principal Lisa Love (left), Harrisburg High School in Pennsylvania (right)

Lisa Love has only been the principal at Harrisburg since January, but she immediately noticed a concerning trend among the students who go to school there — most of them had racked up an alarming amount of unexcused absences from class.

“The problem I’ve noticed here as principal is that students are coming to school but they are not going to classes when they get here,” Love said. “Many parents send their kids to school and they’re thinking they’re going to class. I needed to reach out because of the enormous number not going to class. … If you’re not in class, all you’re here to do then is to wreak havoc upon the school and disrupt the work that we are trying to do here…to focus on student achievement.”

To remedy this, Principal Lisa Love decided to suspend every single student who had an excessive amount of unexcused class absences. Assistant Principal Keith Edmonds said that the benchmark used to establish what constituted “excessive” absences, which earned students a suspension, was 35 missed classes within a 45-day marking period. That number represents a week’s worth of missed classes or seven classes per day in a five-day week.

“Right now, the process is just to weed out where our issues are so that we can properly address them,” said Edmonds. Love agreed, saying, “If you’re not in class, all you’re here to do then is to wreak havoc upon the school and disrupt the work that we are trying to do here…to focus on student achievement.”

Love continued, “We don’t like to suspend,” adding, “I don’t even like talking about suspensions. But because we’re in a place where our school is a priority school, we need to send the message that we value education first.”

According to Western Journalism, Superintendent Sybil Knight-Burney backed up Love’s decision to issue one-day suspensions to half of the students at Harrisburg, saying it should be a “wake-up call” to parents in a school district where the graduation rate is more than 30 percent lower than the statewide average.

“In order for us to get different results, we have to do something different,” said Knight-Burney. “We can’t do the same ol’ same ol’ and then complain about it when we’re getting the same ol’ results.” Indeed, that would be the definition of insanity.

In a demographic where the graduation rate is so low, the obvious culprit is a lack of parental involvement. It certainly sounds as though the mothers and fathers of the students at Harrisburg have no clue what exactly their children are doing all day long. Hopefully, all those suspensions served as the wake-up call they desperately needed.

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Look What Texas Mayor Took Away From Muslims When Illegal Sharia Law Court Opened Up For Business In Her City

We Americans have noticed how quickly Sharia law is infiltrating into the United States. The radical Muslim movement has figured out that the best way to take over our country and making Sharia law the law of the land is through the use of the court system, rather than physical force.In this particular case, a mosque in Irving, Texas decided to open it’s own Sharia Court and make determinations and ruling, based upon their own customs. Once the mayor was notified of the situation, she took matters into her own hands, right away!Mayor Beth Van Duyne and her city council shut down this Sharia Court in the best way possible: by voting to support the current Texas state bill that bans foreign laws from ruling in their state. Of course, these radical Muslims are outraged.From The Political Insider:This radical group of Muslims is not pleased with the Mayor of Irving, Texas after she put the end to America’s first “Sharia Court.” Mayor Beth Van Duyne has accused mosque leaders of creating separate laws for Muslims, which is why the city voted to stop these supposedly “voluntary” tribunals from operating.In a very close 5-4 vote, the city of Irving ruled to back the Texas state bill banning foreign law from the state. The bill doesn’t mention Sharia or any religion, but it’s a huge defeat for Sharia supporters, as such courts are in violation of the U.S. Constitution. All four of the “voluntary” court’s lawyers were unlicensed in the state of Texas, a third degree felony. Mayor Beth Van Duyne received several phone calls on the matter. It seems that the Islamic Tribunal not only was unlicensed, but they failed to notify the city of their illegal court being operated in city limits. She promised to get to the bottom of it, and she did.By their own website’s admission, if U.S. law conflicts with Sharia law, “we follow Sharia law.” It also openly admitted separate rules for men and women in their proceedings, discriminating and humiliating women which is against the U.S. Constitution. The Islamic Tribunal also openly declared that they hope [this] will “set a precedence that will be emulated and duplicated throughout the country.”

Well done, Mayor Van Duyne! She has set the perfect precedent for not only her town, but her state, as well as her country! We need more leaders to stand up to Sharia law and Sharia courts and refuse to let them attempt to take over our rule of law.What do you think? Comment below!

Toddler left outside overnight during Hurricane Irma turned purple, police say

A Florida man was arrested after police say he left his 19-month-old daughter outside overnight during Hurricane Irma.

Angelo Mitchell, 36, of Jasper, Florida, faces a charge of child cruelty related to the Sunday incident.

According to Tallahassee’s WCTV, the girl’s mother called police Monday morning, telling them Mitchell had taken their daughter away the night before and when she saw him again on Monday, the girl wasn’t with him.

Police searched the area for the girl but were unable to find her. Mitchell allegedly denied ever taking her, telling officers she was probably with a family friend, according to WCTV.

At about 11:30 a.m. local time on Monday, someone found the girl in the yard of a house about 500 yards away.

Police said the girl’s skin had turned purple after she’d spent the entire night outside during the storm being battered by wind and rain. The girl also had scratches and bug bites on her body, according to WCTV. She was hospitalized for a day before being able to go back home.

Mitchell appeared to be “under the influence of something,” police reported, according to Tallahassee’s WTXL.

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Florida man finds dugout canoe while surveying damage left by Hurricane Irma

 – A  Central Florida man has made what appears to be an historic find.

While checking out what was left behind after Hurricane Irma blew through the state, Randy “Shots” Lathrop said he spotted a dugout canoe on the banks of Indian River, near State Road 528 in Cocoa. He posted the pictures of the 15-foot cypress canoe on Facebook the day after the storm, and they have already been shared over 80,000 times.

“I was walking down the road, taking photographs like I normally do in the mornings, and the road was strewn with debris, front loaders were starting to clear the road,” Lathrop said.  “It was a scramble to try to make sure and secure it.”

Lahtrop notified the Florida State Department of Historical Resources which sent an archaeologist out to survey the site.  State historic officials are now awaiting radiocarbon-dating to reveal the boat’s actual age.  The Florida Museum of Natural History says these types canoes can range from a couple of centuries old to more than 6,000 years old.

“It does have some very unique features. There are some iron nails in the object. If I had to venture, I guess a few other people might say it is from the 1800s,” he said.  “We aren’t sure until the experts have the ability to look at it. We’re excited to learn where it came from.”

It’s not unusual for hurricanes to unearth historic artifacts, due of wind gusts, changing tides and flooding.   In October of last year, Civil War-era cannonballs were found in the sand at Folly Beach, S.C.   The first shots of the Civil War were fired at nearby Fort Sumter in 1861.

Police: Woman shot, killed sleeping boyfriend before dismembering body

A woman has been charged with the murder of her boyfriend after she fatally shot him and then dismembered his body inside their home, according to the Baytown Police Department.

Warning: Some of the details in this story are very disturbing. 

BAYTOWN, Texas – A woman has been charged with the murder of her boyfriend after she fatally shot him and then dismembered his body inside their home, according to the Baytown Police Department.

Cierra Alexis Sutton, 30, has been charged with the murder of 32-year-old Steven Coleman. Detectives say the gruesome crime took place on August 16, 2017 at the Briarwood Village Apartments in Baytown.

According to detectives, Sutton and the victim got into an argument earlier in the evening and later while the victim was sleeping, Sutton shot him in the head, killing him. She then cut up his body with a machete and placed the remains in various dumpsters.

Detectives said several friends reported Sutton confessed to the crime and told them, she dismembered the victim’s body because he was too heavy to carry. Friends also told detectives Sutton said her 10-year-old daughter was inside the apartment at the time.

“How did we not hear anything? Heard nothing at all,” said Mikki Rogers, a downstairs neighbor.

Two days after the crime, Sutton reported Coleman was missing at the Baytown Police station.

“She acted like she knew nothing about anything. She was trying to call him, hadn’t heard from him. Family members didn’t get a response,” said Rogers.

“There’s always been smiles, talk, no signs of anything that would indicate something like this,” said Donald Wooten, another neighbor.

On August 22, detectives were notified of a male torso found at a landfill in Baytown. The description of the body matched the description of the victim, though the remains have not been positively identified as Coleman.

Sutton fled to Louisiana weeks later and dropped off her daughter at a friend’s home in Metairie, a suburb just outside of New Orleans.

Sutton was found on Thursday, September 14 at an apartment complex in Louisiana and was taken into custody. A court date has not been released at this time.

The President Destroys Obama’s Mexican Truck Scheme, Now 100 % Of Cargo Trucks At Border Must…

When Donald Trump said he was going to protect our border, he meant it.

Not only is the wall going up soon, but ICE and border patrol agents are working overtime to prevent illegal immigrants and drugs from getting across the border.

This latest order will go far in stopping much of the smuggling. It’s just a shock that it wasn’t happening in the first place.

From Conservative Tribune:

According to a report from Judicial Watch, the administration of President Donald Trump is allowing Customs and Border Patrol officials to thoroughly screen all cargo trucks entering the U.S. through the southern border with Mexico, something that was seemingly discouraged or not permitted during Obama’s tenure.

“We felt like we were the welcoming committee and not like we were guarding our borders,” explained U.S. Customs agent Patricia Cramer, who is also president of the Arizona chapter of the agency employee’s union, according to Judicial Watch.

“The order was to facilitate traffic, not to stop any illegal drugs from entering the country,” added Cramer. “We want to enforce the law. That’s what we signed up for.”

Cramer, a K9 handler at the Nogales port of entry in Arizona, stated that massive amounts of illegal drugs are smuggled across the border while hidden inside of cargo trucks, trucks that used to generally be waved through but now undergo radiation and X-ray screening, sometimes even having their cargo thoroughly searched if the truck, driver or load raises any suspicions.

These screening processes seem pretty standard. It’s actually surprising it wasn’t happening already. It’s almost as if Obama wanted these trucks to pass through unchecked.


With all our modern equipment, it would be insane to think that anyone could get away with smuggling drugs, guns, or people over the border. Yet those sophisticated scanners, devices, and x-ray machines were just collecting dust.

Meanwhile drug cartels were able to ship their goods over the border—in giant, 18-wheelers!

Finally, we have leadership in the White House that actually cares about law and order. No longer do we have a president that looks the other way as Mexican criminals wreak havoc in our country.

Source: Conservative Tribune

Do you think Trump is WINNING the illegal immigration war?

BREAKING: Rosa Parks’ Daughter Praises Trump’s Response to Charlottesville

Liberals love to call President Trump a racist, but you know who doesn’t think that? The daughter of legendary civil rights activist Rosa Parks.

Trump, who stood side by side with Rosa Parks while she was still alive and received praise for his work improving the community for black youths, recently condemned the violence on “many sides” – both the ironically named “antifa” who showed up to create problems at the “Unite the Right” rally and those who overreacted to the violent Communists attacking them.

For some, this isn’t good enough but Muriel Parks-Rosenberg stepped in on Friday to drop a truth bomb on liberals.

“President Trump’s reaction has been criticized by the Left, but I don’t see what he did wrong,” she said in a speech at the Kennedy Center. “He strongly spoke out against hate both from those who make racial animus their primary cause and anarchists who showed up hoping to watch the world burn.”

“My mother would have been proud of the President’s words,” she told the crowd of about 500 people. “Liberals who seek to use this rally to further their cause and attack President Trump need to go away and never come back.”

“To me, Donald Trump is a modern civil rights icon,” she says.

Nothing makes liberals more angry than a black woman standing up for a strong conservative, so we can expect them to attack Mrs. Parks-Rosenberg as they pretend that they hold a monopoly on “tolerance” (a word liberals use but will never understand).

Man stabbed by girlfriend, charged with rape after he assaulted her daughter, police say

 – A Cleveland man was charged with rape after his girlfriend stabbed him six times Tuesday when she discovered him naked atop of her 12-year-old daughter, police said.

Troy Parks, 31, was charged with “rape and gross sexual imposition” in the incident that occurred in a Cleveland neighborhood, reported.

Parks’ girlfriend, who was not named, was not charged with any wrongdoing.

The woman told police that she was heading to bed when she discovered her boyfriend naked on top of her young daughter. The woman pulled out her pocket knife and repeatedly stabbed Parks “five times in his chest and once in the back of his head,” the police report stated.

“In a fit of rage, (she) grabbed her pocket knife and attacked him,” the report stated.

Both the woman and her daughter suffered cuts on their hands during the encounter.

Police said the distraught mother went outside her residence and yelled for help. Parks told officers that his girlfriend stabbed him because “she thought her daughter had feelings for him,” reported.

The young girl said this was not the first time she was touched by Parks, according to police. The young girl told officers Parks took off her pants before removing his clothes. The young girl said Park told her “this is what it is like in the real world when you have a boyfriend,” before she was sexually assaulted, according to the report.