2 Thugs Attacking Cop In Freeway Get Nasty Surprise They Didn’t See Coming

Richard Lazo Torres and Issac Ruiz Wilson

A Florida police officer saw a car speeding over 100 miles per hour and stopped it on I-75 in Collier County, which the two men inside didn’t seem to appreciate. After pulling a little trick before getting out, they began attacking the cop in the street to avoid arrest when they were met with an incredibly perfect dose of karma that they didn’t see coming.

The officer, whose name has yet to be released, was patrolling alone when the suspects in the vehicle went flying by, putting themselves and everyone else on the road in danger with the speed at which they were traveling. Although he was able to pull them over, he wasn’t expecting what was coming, when the passenger switched seats with the driver before the two of them got out of the car.

According to the report of the incident from Blue Lives Matter, Richard Lazo Torres was driving but switched places with the passenger, Issac Ruiz Wilson, before the cop came up to the car. Both men were instantly hostile toward the cop, knowing that Lazo didn’t have a valid driver’s license which would increase the speeding charges, so the two suspects began to resist arrest. The lone trooper managed to wrestle one to the ground seconds before someone came up behind him with a surprise for the suspects that’s almost too perfect to be true.

As cars whizzed by the wrestling cop and suspects on the busy highway, one driver, who came up to the scene right in time, happened to be Jeffry Duclos, a retired Rhode Island State Trooper. Duclos’ 30 years of police training and deep respect for his fellow officers kicked in when, without hesitation, he launched himself into the struggle to give both suspects exactly what they deserved.

Rhode Island State Trooper Jeffry Duclos

Despite the hectic highway and intense developing situation, Duclos pulled one suspect off the trooper, while the other continued to fight, according to NBC News. The two cops were able to work together to get both suspects in handcuffs and taken into custody. “I think more people ought to be prepared to help,” Duclos said after the incident, but not wanting praise for what he did since it was an instinct all citizens should have when they see officers in need of some backup.

The mainstream media would paint this retired cop out to be a man who inserted himself in a situation and made it worse since it ended with the two “unarmed” suspects in jail. Both Duclos and the officer he helped are heroes, and without this man being brave and willing to help, the officer could have paid the price and the suspects would still be free today.

Kentucky Fried Chicken Vows To Give Free Meals For Anyone In Uniform. Do You Support This?

It has long been an unwritten policy of fast food franchises and convenience stores to offer perks to first responders, such as free coffee or lunches. It is good public relations and has the added benefit of fostering a good relationship with law enforcement and other emergency services personnel, should these businesses ever need to avail themselves of services. It certainly is not “quid pro quo,” but it is smart.

One Kentucky Fried Chicken franchise in Ohio has taken that time honored policy, and made it public. They recently put up a sign on their entry doors declaring that cops eat free every day. And the response they have gotten will blow your mind.

In light of the current public debate about law enforcement and their communities, a KFC franchise manager in Gallipolis, Ohio has decided to make a very public statement in support of area police officers.

The restaurant has placed a hand written sign on their front door that reads:

“All uniformed police officers eat free everyday.”

The sign has been seen by many as an indirect refutation of the Black Lives Matter organization, as some see any critique of law enforcement as a direct assault on law and order. Police supporters have countered the BLM with their own “Blue Lives Matter” and “All Lives Matter” memes, suggesting that their is somehow an increased level of peril for officers in recent times.

This issue has been in the public arena for a few years now. Some reasons for the increased public concern for First Responder safety may include a general focus on gun-related crime, attention being brought to officer-related shootings by the Black Lives Matter movement, and a quantifiable, but slight, spike in violence against law enforcement officers this year.

Statistically, however, violence against law enforcement is down from an historic high during the mid-1970’s, when the average number of police officers killed in the line of duty reached around 280 a year. In fact, current numbers are even down significantly from 2010, when more than 175 officers were killed in action, including 61 gun-related fatalities and 6 assaults.

And, According to the FBI, there was an almost 20 percent decrease in the number of felonious deaths of police officers between 2014 to 215.

The sign has been photographed and shared on Facebook over six thousand times, with another ten thousand “likes.”

A number of people on both sides have commented on the restaurant’s policy, saying things like:

“That’s wonderful. I feel all restaurants should do this for the men and women who protect us,
even the men and women in the armed forces. God bless all who keep us safe.”- Sandra Lambrix

“Outstanding! Hurrah for KFC!”- Steve Wicker

“The Colonel would be proud. Keep up the good work”- Phillip Sebald

“Police are not allowed to accept gratuities. It is and can be viewed as a bribe or a pay-to-play scheme. Look it up yourself.”- Robert

“Awesome job you guys somebody’s finally decided to stick up for the police force but I have to say most people do…”- Patsy Burne

“I wish veterans could get that respect.”- Debra Johnson

How do you feel about the sign? Did you know that most fast food restaurants and convenience stores have been doing his for decades? Share your thoughts with us here.

Florida Thug Shoots Cop In The Face, Gets Instant Justice When Officer Isn’t Ready To Die

K9 Officer Jeremy Mason (Photo: Blue Lives Matter)

A heroic police officer recently found himself in a high-speed pursuit of a Florida thug, who brazenly leaned out of his car window and shot the cop in the face through his windshield. However, little did the punk know, he was about to receive a brutal dose of instant justice from this cop, who wasn’t ready to die.

Jacksonville County Sheriff’s Department Officer Jeremy Mason received a tip on Tuesday, July 25, 2017, about an armed bank robbery. The robber held a gun to a bank teller while demanding money, claiming to be “doing it for his family.” The teller complied with the demands and police were alerted.

Mason arrived on the scene, and when he approached 28-year-old Michael Harris, the suspect, he got into a car with a woman and led police on a high-speed chase. According to Blue Lives Matter, during the two-mile chase, Harris was leaning out of both sides of the car window and shooting at the police. During this time, he shot Officer Mason in the face.

“The suspect, based on witness information, was leaning out back windows either side, back and forth and firing at the officers in pursuit. The officers fired back a couple of times,” [Sheriff Mike] Williams said. “It appears at this time that Officer Mason was shot during the pursuit. However, he continued to pursue the vehicle to its termination point.” [Source: The Florida Times-Union]

The pursuit ended when a car crashed into Harris’ vehicle after he ran a stop sign, causing the car to spin out of control. He got out of his wrecked vehicle and began firing at Officer Mason again. Another cop, Det. Brad Hurst, was patrolling down the street when he heard a call on his police radio regarding the chase. Harris got out with a gun in hand as the two officers stopped. He was told to drop his gun by Mason, but Harris failed to comply, shooting again. Harris was then shot dead by Officer Mason and Det. Brad Hurst after they fired back twice.

“He is stable, but he has a long road back,” Williams said of Mason. “… You have an officer who is shot during the pursuit. He continues that pursuit and puts himself between the suspect, who is an incredibly violent felon, and the community and ultimately winds up stopping him from endangering the entire community.” [Source: The Florida Times-Union]

The police officer’s car

Reports show the woman driving Mason’s getaway car was not injured in the pursuit, and she is now being investigated for her role in the crime.

We applaud Officer Mason for still being able to take down the felon after receiving a brutal shot to the face. As the community prays for a speedy recovery for K9 Officer Jeremy Mason, he remains in the hospital. He brings honor to the community even after all the violence and contempt our law enforcement community receives. We are thankful for each and every one of our law enforcement officers who wear a badge every day to provide us with a fundamental necessity to civilized society — law and order.

Cop Overhears Woman Ask Odd Question, Acts Fast When He Looks Behind Her

Butler County Sheriff Patrol Vehicle (left), Walmart in Oxford, Ohio (right)

An Ohio woman walked into the Butler County Sheriff’s Office with a concerning question. A cop from the back overheard what she was wanting and looked out to see what was happening. That’s when he noticed what was behind her, then acted fast while nobody was paying attention to what was happening.

The unnamed citizen wandered into the office with a single question, but she got much more than the answer she was seeking. Deputy Brian Bussell is no stranger to odd circumstances, having been in law enforcement for 25 years, but what this woman was hoping for help with was a first for the seasoned cop. However, he knew just what to do.

Bussell became aware that the woman had been evicted from her home, and with nowhere to go, the police station was her last and only resort. She walked in wanting help with housing, but Bussell stepped up with something else. The cop saw that she didn’t arrive alone, as she had her two young sons with her, who were also now homeless after being kicked out of their house.

Stranded woman’s sons sleeping at Butler County Sheriff’s office

Out of sight from the other officers and personnel at the station, Bussell approached the mother in private and said he had booked a 10-night stay for her and her sons at an area hotel. The accommodations were all paid for by him, out of his own wallet, but the interaction didn’t end with the generous gift. He also asked her to do something for him in return.

According to a Facebook post, he noticed that the clothing the mother and her boys had on was tattered and dirty, so he put the family in his patrol car and drove them to Walmart. Bussell dropped them off there, and before driving off, he instructed them to pick out something new to wear and to call him when they were done with shopping so he could pay for it all, again on his own dime.

But the boys really needed something other than a new shirt on their back. The children shyly asked the officer if they could get new shoes, as it was clear theirs would not make it many more steps. Deputy Bussell didn’t hesitate and said they absolutely could. Something as simple as shoes to these kids was more than a fashion statement, they were a basic necessity in life that they would have to manage without, had it not been for this kind cop.

Deputy Bussell didn’t think his department would find out about what he had done for this family behind the scenes. However, the mother had taken a photo of her boys with Bussell and shared the touching incident on Facebook. Someone else saw the woman’s post and passed it on to the officer’s department to say thank you for their service.

“This is a true act of kindness,” Sheriff Richard K. Jones said of his caring colleague. “This speaks volumes in light of all the recent negativity people are saying about law enforcement. I have some of the best employees here.”

Bussell didn’t do it for accolades, he did it out of genuine love and concern for three strangers who were struggling. Officers’ paychecks aren’t huge, but this officer’s heart is and so was what he did for these kids and their mom with his own money.

Woman Floored By What Bagger Did In Aisle, After Man Asked Simple Question

Jennifer Christopher Coker (left), Publix grocery store in Georgia (right)

A woman’s shopping trip to a Georgia Publix store left her in a state of disbelief and tears, after what she caught a bagger doing toward the back of the store. Rather than reporting it to the store manager, she snapped a photo to share with everyone on social media.

Jennifer Christopher Coker said that she was at the store in Tifton, when she heard a man ask the sales clerk a simple question. The young employee’s unusual response caught her off guard, but she didn’t think much else of it until she saw him again a few moments later when he was with the man he had just had an interaction with and who was clearly struggling.

According to Fox 5, a wheelchair-bound elderly customer had come into the hectic store that day, when he stopped and asked the first clerk he saw if he was busy. The worker, only identified as Roger, was in the middle of his duties and turned to the disabled man, when suddenly his face changed. Another customer saw the clerk light up with a smile, responding politely with, “No sir, how can I help you?”

The elderly gentleman explained that he was afraid of how long it would take him to gather the groceries on his own that night and wondered if the clerk could help him with his shopping. Without hesitation or a grimaced look on his face for being asked to deviate from his job description, Roger said that it would be his pleasure to help.

Jennifer Christopher Coker’s post, showing Roger helping elderly man

With the man’s shopping list in his hand, the kind employee patiently walked through each aisle, crossing each item off as he grabbed it, with not a care or single concern for the time it took. “There was no agitation in his tone for being interrupted. There was no rush to his walk to make the man feel like he was a burden,” Coker wrote, in her viral Facebook post last year, about the incident that’s now making the rounds again.

The woman watched the two through tears of gratitude for this young man, who she’s never met before, but was pleased to see how well his parents raised him. “It is so rare to see such a young person have such respect for his elders. I had tears knowing that the elderly gentleman was probably happy to have someone help him AND to listen to him,” she wrote in astonishment and awe of this incredible young person. “You don’t get this kind of service at just any grocery store but Publix, specifically the Publix in Tifton, Ga.”

In an era of entitlement, where teens and young adults have no respect for anyone else but themselves and will treat other people like dirt if they get in the way of what they want, Roger is a credit to his generation. It needs to be seen that it’s cool to be kind. We all need to slow down, look around, and appreciate people. We should help others when there is a need. Parents, who are present and do their job right, produce kids like Roger, and the world needs more of that.

‘BLOW YOUR BRAINS OUT, B*TCH’: Miniature Thug Pulls A Gun, Makes Sickening Threat

A young girl pulls a gun and makes sick threats in a disturbing video making the rounds on social media.

A video is going viral on social media this week which will definitely make you very worried about the future of our great nation when it is inevitably left in the hands of the next generation. In the shocking footage, a miniature female thug pulls a gun and makes violent threats that will leave you in disbelief.

The disturbing video was shared to The Patriot Federation Facebook page with the caption, “When a kid is raised by Obama voters…,” and while the young girl makes no claims in the footage as to whom her parents voted for, it becomes painfully clear within seconds that she is not being brought up in a Christian, conservative household.

WARNING: This video contains strong language which is not appropriate for all audiences.

“B*tch, I’m a m*ther-f*cking assh*le,” the young girl says in the 25-second clip. “If I get you to my house, I’m gonna shoot you. If I get you at the park I’m gonna stab you or tase you. What you want, b*tch? The gun? The Taser? Which one? Girl, I’m bout to tase you and then blow your brains out, b*tch. F*ck you, b*tch! F*CK YOU, B*TCH,” she screams at the top of her lungs.

This young girl’s profane rant is symptomatic of the violent thug culture which seems to have taken over parts of the black community. Are there young white people who also act like fools, running their mouths and making uncalled for threats to others? Of course. However, it is far more common to see such troublesome behavior from black youths. Stereotypes develop for a reason; they do not simply manifest themselves out of thin air.

This is why the term “feral thug” is tossed around so frequently to describe people who act like the girl in this video. Indeed, only a feral animal would launch into such an obscene tirade, waving a gun and taser in the air as they cuss their brains out.

This thug culture epidemic is largely due to two main factors; namely, the absence of a two-parent household and the welfare state, which grows in dependency rates as time ticks by. Coincidentally, these two contributing factors go hand in hand with one another.

More than 72 percent of black babies are born to unwed mothers, according to the CDC. But, who needs a husband when you can essentially marry the government? Unfortunately, our welfare system has grown so out-of-control that it no longer acts as a safety net for those in need while they work to get their feet on the ground over a brief period of time, but rather, as an incentive for low-income mothers to remain single and allow the taxpayers to provide for them.

A large percentage of black mothers become “married to the government” rather than giving their children the father figure they so desperately need. The consequences for black families and for society as a whole are devastating. You need to look no further than the above video to see just one unsettling example.

Do we know this young woman’s backstory? Admittedly, we do not. However, the statistics do not lie. She is the sad manifestation of a culture which is declining faster than a snowball headed for hell. Black lives do matter, but it’s time for the black community to start demonstrating that in their own households.


Man Makes SICK Find On Friend’s Cell Phone, Police IMMEDIATELY Involved

Words cannot describe the horrific nature of a story out of Texas, where a woman gave a friend her cell phone to charge. However, he made a discovery so sickening that we have to warn you of the graphic nature of what you’re about to read.

It started back in 2012, when 29-year-old Ashley Virginia Dack and her boyfriend, Patrick Shuneman, would babysit for people that Dack would befriend, according to Click2Houston. Her profession gave her access to an unknown number of children, and she and Shuneman would commit absolutely atrocious acts against them, but worse than that is how they would talk to each other about it.

Ashley Virginia Dack [Image credit: New York Daily News]

Dack allegedly bragged about the couple’s sexual exploitations of minors to a male friend, but later made the mistake of leaving her phone in his possession to charge. Once the man had the phone alone, he made a heinous discovery which caused him to immediately call police on October 14, 2014.

According to FOX8, their victims were as young as 11 months old, and the couple would send text messages back and forth, bragging of their horrific crime to one another. Along with the graphic texts, they had taken both photos and videos of their sick behavior, and the couple would send those to each other as well.

Patrick Shuneman [Image credit: New York Daily News]

After being tipped off, authorities simultaneously executed search warrants at the couple’s separate Harris County homes. Of the items seized, an iPhone 4 containing many of the absolutely disturbing messages is likely the key piece of evidence that will put these two sickos away for good.

According to FOX8, one of the text message exchanges read:

WARNING: Extremely graphic content

Dack: Oh honey?  I never know.  There is a little girl at lunch with blonde pig tails, kept dancing around on the floor. Wanted you 2 to be hiding in my car and I could bring her 2 you. Maybe 4 [years of age].

Schuneman:  Would love that. Would you join us or leave us alone?

Dack: Join you.  We could use the seat belt to hold her down and wrap around her neck so she couldn’t wiggle because it would get tighter and tighter

Schuneman: She’d be so scared

Dack: But no one could hear her if we were in my car

Schuneman:  I would hold her neck and head as you pulled her pants off

Court documents stated that Dack sent multiple images of children engaging in sexual activity, one of which showed her sexually assaulting an 11-month-old child. The image was accompanied with the message, “Gonna get our pics 2night?”

Schuneman’s response was equally disgusting.

“Incredible,” he said. “Best ever seen. Thank you.”

“Thank you so much for my gift.” Another message read. “Sweet dreams.”

“The defendant and co-defendant shared text messages over time that suggest something more sadistic than your typical sexual abuse,” Prosecutor Stephen Driver said.

As a result of the investigation into the couple’s deeply disturbing acts, Dack was charged with sexual performance by a child and super aggravated sexual assault of a child. Court records show that Shuneman was hit with the same charges.

Dack was jailed on Friday and her bond was set at $350,000. Prosecutors believe her to be a flight risk, and on Monday a judge said that should she be able to make bail, the court would take her passport and force her to wear an ankle monitor. As of this writing, both suspects remain in jail.

As I said before, words cannot describe the sick, sick nature of what these two psychos did to those children. Life in prison seems like a light sentence for people as depraved, not to mention it’s an unnecessary burden on the taxpayers to keep people like this alive for the next 60 years, but unfortunately, what they did isn’t classified as a capital crime, which is really too bad.

Teen Raped 8-Year-Old Girl, Excused His Sick Crime With Four Infuriating Words

The world we live in has become a disgusting place. Solidifying this perception is a teenager from Tulsa, Oklahoma, who was arrested after he raped an 8-year-old girl. What’s worse is that he excused his behavior by saying “she asked for it.”

The 8-year-old victim was visiting her cousin when she came into contact with 17-year-old Lynell Hall. It just so happens that the young girl’s cousin lives in an apartment complex that is semi-abandoned and local teens use the place to “hook up.”

“It appears as though the victim was at her cousin’s home, and the cousin had some older friends that had come over as well,” Tulsa Police Sergeant Mike Brown explained, according to News On 6. That is how the victim met the teen that would change her life forever.

At some point during the night, Hall approached the young girl and convinced her to go to another apartment in the building to hang out. Once they arrived, he not only inappropriately touched the victim but eventually raped her.

“At some point, the suspect pulled the 8-year-old girl’s pants down and began engaging in sexual acts with her,” explained Cpl. Greg Smith, according to Fox 23. After the victim told family members what had happened, they immediately notified police. Hall was quickly arrested on a charge of first-degree rape.

Lynell Hall

When questioned by police, Hall stated that he knew the girl was only 8-years-old, but he targeted her anyway. “It was clear that he understood that the child was not of an appropriate age and he attempted to minimize the crime initially before finally admitting that he had actually done what he was accused of,” Brown explained.

When the child told Hall to “get off her,” she explained to police that he ignored her and continued anyway. At first, Hall admitted to police that he had some sexual contact with the child, but he stated he stopped when she asked him to. Eventually, he changed his story and admitted to having sex with the young girl, claiming that “she was asking for it the whole night,” according to Opposing Views.

The apartment building where the incident occurred.

When police investigated the apartment, there was evidence leading them to believe that there had been a break-in at the apartment where the incident happened. If so, there may be more to the story than what the victim or Hall initially admitted.

The child was examined at Tulsa Hospital, where it was determined that she had evidence consistent with rape.

It’s sad that this young girl’s life will be changed forever because of the acts of this disgusting teen. There is no place where your children are safe anymore. In no way are the parents of any rape victim responsible, but in order to decrease the odds of something like this happening to your kids, it’s better to be a little overprotective. It just might save their innocence and their life.

Cop Buys Lemonade At Girl’s Stand & Returns Next Day, But NOT To Buy More

An Ohio police officer stopped at a little girl’s lemonade stand while out on patrol, and after talking to her for a moment, he decided to give her a lecture. He ended up leaving, and the next day when he came back, it definitely wasn’t to buy a cup of lemonade.

The incident started when Lake County Sheriff’s Deputy Zach Ropos spotted the little girl selling lemonade while he was patrolling in Painesville, Yahoo! reported. Ropos bought a glass of lemonade from Gabrielle and talked to her for a few minutes about her stand and why she was trying to raise money.

“I talked to the little girl, gave her a speech about how courageous and admirable I think her efforts were to save up her money,” Ropos said. “I asked her how much she saved up, and she said she only had a few dollars.”

The little girl said that she had more, but her mom’s car ran out of gas, so she handed over the money to her so she could fill up the tank. Apparently, that struck a chord with the deputy.

“When she told me she gave the money to her mom … that’s when I almost started crying because of how great of a kid she really was,” Ropos said.

Ropos had asked Gabrielle what she intended to do with the money she had raised, and she told him that she wanted to buy an iPad. As it turned out, the 22-year-old happened to have an old one at his house, but when he went home and turned it on, it didn’t work any longer.

“I went home that night, fired up the iPad, but it just wasn’t updated anymore … nothing really worked on it,” Ropos explained.

The next day, he hunted down a store that would split the cost of a new tablet for the little girl. Later in the afternoon, he went back to Gabrielle’s lemonade stand and presented her with the gift.

“She just wouldn’t stop hugging me,” Ropos said. “Seeing her face is how I remember Christmas when I was 5 years old. She couldn’t stop smiling. Her smile was worth a million dollars.”

Ropos has only worked at the sheriff’s office for eight months, but he’s left a good impression on his boss.

“He’s always liked to do stuff for people, and now it’s part of his job,” said Lake County Sheriff Dan Dunlap. “He’s a really good guy. He’s done such a good job here.”

Dunlap said he didn’t speak with Gabrielle or her mother, but from what he understands, “both the mom and girl were in tears. Tears of appreciation and joy. From what the deputy said, they were surprised and extremely grateful.”

I can imagine they were. While we all know there are many good cops out there, it had to be a surprise for this family to have one go out of their way like this, and he really went out of his way. Kudos to Deputy Ropos for leaving a lasting impression on this little girl and doing something genuinely kind.

Portland man accused of sexually assaulting 65-year-old had been deported 20 times/

A Portland man accused of brutally attacking a 65-year-old woman has a history of arrests, at least 20 deportations and was released by local authorities in defiance of a federal immigration hold.

Sergio Jose Martinez, 31, was taken into custody Monday night on charges that include robbery, kidnapping, burglary and sexual abuse involving two victims.

Martinez allegedly assaulted a woman in the basement of a parking garage while armed with a knife, police said. The woman kicked him in the stomach and pressed the panic button in her car, and Martinez fled when authorities arrived.

The suspect has been a transient in the Portland area for more than a year and has five probation violations for re-entering the United States.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) lodged an immigration detainer against Martinez in December 2016, asking local authorities to notify them before releasing Martinez. However, he was released into the community and ICE was not notified.

It is illegal for cities in Oregon to use their resources to help enforce federal immigration laws; in March, Portland declared itself a “sanctuary city” for undocumented immigrants.

Multnomah County leaders and Sheriff Mike Reese wrote a letter to the community earlier this year saying, “The sheriff’s office does not hold people in county jails on ICE detainers or conduct any immigration enforcement actions,” reports KGW Portland.

Detectives also were able to connect Martinez to another assault that occurred blocks away.

Martinez allegedly entered the woman’s home through an open window, used scarves and socks to blindfold her, then tied her up, gagged her and sexually assaulted her — slamming her head into the wood floor, reports Fox 12.

The woman told police that Martinez left with her keys, cellphone, credit cards and stole her car. She was able to reach a neighbor’s home to call 911.

Prior to being admitted into jail, Martinez was treated for meth-induced psychosis, according to court documents.

Click here for more from Fox 12.