Should Trump Ban Welfare For Muslim Refugees

But President Trump may have a way to stop them: cut off their welfare funding.Refugees are often not allowed to get a job—they are sent to America to live on taxpayer dollars. And liberals continue to put those taxpayers in danger by accepting refugees that are not fully vetted.This may cause some backlash from bleeding heart liberals, but Muslim refugees would think twice if Americans didn’t pay for their subsistence here.Check out the video below where refugees are demanding welfare, or they will go back home.

Vote in our national poll below: should Donald Trump ban welfare for Muslim refugees? Then let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

4 Replies to “Should Trump Ban Welfare For Muslim Refugees”

  1. Yes Let them leave. They are not interested in becoming Americans they want to take over our country. No welfare for them or any refugee. We must take care of our own people or we will cease to be.

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