Should Illegal Immigrants Collect Social Security?

Illegal immigrants crossing the southern border dropped sharply when Trump became President, but over 10 million here still try to collect on government benefits.

Most of them don’t pay taxes, but there are some who do—and now they’re demanding the benefits they “paid for.”

This includes Social Security.  For those illegals who broke the law to get here but have been happy to pay into social security, and that number has ballooned into the millions.

Now they are demanding their cut. What do you think? Should illegal immigrants who paid into Social Security collect retirement funds?

Vote in our national poll, find out more about how they have been paying into the system below the poll, then share your thoughts in the comments!

Should Illegal Immigrants Collect Social Security?

8 Replies to “Should Illegal Immigrants Collect Social Security?”

  1. We will have everyone in the world showing up here for free retirement when those of us who have paid in are ending up with less and less ea h year. Come here legally, become a citizen then you work and get the benefits.

  2. If they have been here paying into SS then they should have become a citizen. As long as they are illegal then they should not draw any benefits.

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